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About Webinar Software - Webinars As Viral Marketing

What is webinar software? The webinar is an online session, typically, as an educational or promotional seminar, presentation, or live event which is attended by an invited audience and webinar software facilitates it. Webinar software is used to conduct and run a webinar. It usually consists of a desktop application, a hosting server, and software for connecting to the participants. Webinars are short sessions of interactive communication, with most of them lasting less than one hour.

Webinar Software

Choosing A Good Webinar Software For Webinars - Tips & Tricks

Live webinars allow the speaker and audience to interact live and determine the outcome of the presentation. They also provide an opportunity for the audience to ask questions or give feedback. Webinar software can be of two types: automated webinars and telephone-based or live webinars. Automated webinars allow the presenter or host to control the participation of the attendee's lives through the use of web-based controls. Telephone-based webinars are real-time teleconferences wherein all attendees are included in the call.

Webinar tools provide additional benefits such as cost analysis, scheduling, branding, analytics, and more. Live webinars are beneficial in multiple ways. First, they save time and money for businesses. By reducing travel expenses and purchasing tickets, webinars help save time and money and increase profit. The second major advantage is that it increases brand and customer recognition.

There is various webinar software available. Some of them are desktop-based and require minimum system requirements. They include FrontPoint, Joomla, phpBB, and WinAMP. These tools are the best webinar marketing platforms to improve your presentation. There are many benefits associated with these webinar platforms. Let's discuss the advantages of these systems.

Webinar Software - WebEx

WebEx provides two types of integrated marketing solutions and integrates with Joomla, FrontPage, and MS PowerPoint. The first integrated marketing solution is a web calendar. It allows you to display your most recent and upcoming live attendees along with their profile information. Pricing starts at $500 per month.

The second integrated solution available is web capture. With this software, you can save and stream the presentations so you can watch them on any computer and at any time. Pricing starts at $500 per month. With the integration of web recording and analytics, the web captures the IP, click flow, view source code, and session start time.

Webinar Software - GetResponse

Another webinar platform that you should consider is getResponse. The getResponse webinar features are perfect for content-based marketing automation and allow you to automate the registration process. First, you add your URL, then choose a username and password, select the type of presentation and upload your files. You can then connect getResponse to the web platform and create a new presentation or upload your files. Pricing is based on the number of users you want to allow access to your page.

Webinar Software - Lifestorm

Last but not least, you should consider Lifestorm. This platform offers integrations with Joomla, Plone, and Sharepoint so you can integrate your landing page with sales copy, customer support, surveys, blogs, and more. Pricing is based on the number of users you would like to allow access to your page but is cheap enough for anyone to use. With an integrated marketing system and analytics, you will be able to see just where your traffic is coming from, how often, and what pages or actions are converting the most visitors to sales. Lifestorm is very reasonably priced when you look at all the value you get for the price and is worth looking into.

Webinar Software Roomify

One other great platform that is affordable yet highly effective is Roomify. They offer integrations with Joomla and Plesk, which give you a full suite of marketing tools, analytics, and reporting to help you optimize your webinar. Their pricing is reasonable as well and their features include click-to-call buttons, email notifications, and analytics for custom landing pages. There are many other platforms out there that allow for deeper integration with multiple services and products, but few offer everything and Roomify offers everything you could ever want in one platform. If you have a webinar that is life but needs to be turned off for security reasons, this is the platform for you.

Webinar Software - Facebook Live Chat

Last but not least, another very useful webinar platform is Facebook Live Chat. With Facebook Live Chat, you are given the option to chat publicly or privately with attendees. In either case, there are no limitations on who can chat, and you can have conversations with guests from across the globe. With YouTube and Google and other social media, there is no reason not to use webinars as part of your marketing strategy. With the right analytics and integrations, you can turn webinars into viral campaigns!